Kursübersicht "International Study Skills: Board Governance"

Lehrende(r) der Kurseinheit: Assist. Prof. Dr. Darlene Booth-Bell, Coastal Carolina University


The purpose of this course is to help students understand the theories of board governance and what constitutes effective board membership and governance. The theories of board governance will also be explored and evaluated.


Week 1Understanding the Role of the Board: Different models of governance, Board and committee responsibilities.Section IAcademic Journal articles review of modes of governance, and Pages 1-43
Week 2Board Leadership, Audit committee, Recruiting new board members, Conflicts of InterestSection IIPages 43-80
Week 3The board's role in risk management, Legal and ethical issues, Activist investorsSection IIIPages 167-185
Week 4Board Development and Evaluation. The board’s role in oversight. Cadbury principles.Section IVPages 65-72 and Appendix B
Week 5Financial Literacy, Cash Flow statement, Ratios and analysisSection VFinancial Analysis handout
Week 6Red Flags in Financial Statements and Fraud signsSection VIBank of Baroda Case Study reading and analysis assignment
Week 7Final Exam  


The course will be delivered in lecture format with interactive teaching methods using discussions. Preparation for class will include reading required materials. The language of instruction is English.


Formal: Full-time students in the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences.

Academic: Students must be able to function in an English-speaking environment.


Grades will be based on a mid-term exam worth 40 points, Case study worth 10 points, and a final exam worth 50 points, for a total of 100. Exam will be based on the material covered in class. The instructor reserves the right to make changes to this syllabus, as appropriate.

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  • Boards That Lead: When to Take Charge, When to Partner, and When to Stay Out of the Way, R. Charan, D. Carey, and M Useem
  • Bank of Baroda Case Study Pack. Iverycases.com. Product Number: 9B16N021

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