Kursübersicht "Leadership and History"

Lehrende(r) der Kurseinheit: LB Dr. Marcel Will


This module aims to convey the meaning and role of leadership in history and cultural interactions. Students will learn about the historical and cultural contexts of decision-making and the leaders who made certain decisions. They will apply their theoretical knowledge in order to understand the mechanisms of leadership within international and national frameworks. Moreover, they will be introduced to practical aspects of leadership enabling them to use the accumulated knowledge in practical leadership-situations later on.

Vermittelte Schlüsselqualifikationen

Contextualizing Decision-Making, Intercultural Awareness, Communicative Competence in English, Leadership Skills.


This module covers strategic international competence for graduates who need to master challenging situations in a global context. The language of the entire module is English with the aim to create a near-realistic international environment for Master students. The module International Competence aims at providing these intercultural strategies for international success by helping students improve their communicative competence. Theoretical knowledge about Internationalisation will be put into practice and the results will be evaluated. This module provides very active near-realistic (simulated) but also real international encounters between advanced business students at RheinAhrCampus and students at our partner universities. Supervised team work with their international colleagues will enable master students to gain insights into the workings of an internationally active company or institution.


Due to the Corona-situation, all learning units will be of digital character. Every week, we usually will have one virtual classroom session paired with a flipped classroom unit. We will make use of a wide range of didactic methods like flipped classroom, cooperative learning, gamification etc.


Formale: Eingeschriebene(r) Studierende(r) am Fachbereich WiSo des RheinAhrCampus für den Master-Studiengang.

Inhaltliche: Students must be proficient in English.


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Voraussetzung für die Vergabe von ECTS-Punkten ist das Bestehen der Prüfungsleistung für das Modul. Die Prüfungsleistung zu dem Gesamtmodul ist für die gewählte Kurseinheit separat zu bestehen (Kurseinheitenprüfung). Die Prüfungsleistung ist erbracht und ECTS-Punkte werden zuerkannt, wenn die Prüfungsleistung zu einer Kurseinheit bestanden worden ist. Das Modul geht mit 2 ECTS in die Gesamtzahl von 120 ECTS-Punkten ein.


A. Roberts: Leadership in War: Lessons from Those Who Made History (2019) // P.G. Northhouse: Leadership: Theory and Practice (8th ed., 2018) // J. C. Maxwell: 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership (10th ed., 2007)

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